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Whether you’re just starting your first job or already settled into a lifelong career, it never hurts to get a little advice and guidance – especially when it’s from someone you respect or admire. After all, it’s often not just the advice that matters, but who said it and whether or not you can take their words to heart.

We asked our team about their favorite career advice and how it helped them get to where they are today, and here’s what they had to say!

“The best career advice I’ve ever received is to invest in creating and building relationships. This creates trust and loyalty. Whether it’s on the candidate side or the customer side, the benefits of solid relationships all come back somehow, someway.” – Eric J, Recruiter, Southfield, MI

“Being new to sales, I really struggled. One day a branch manager colleague of mine told me: It’s a numbers game. You have to work through 50 “No”s to get to your one “Yes!” Now go out there and get those “No”s out of the way. That was 16 years ago.” – Dennis W, Market Manager, Atlanta, GA

“I was facing a career move (similar work, which I wasn’t sure if I actually wanted to do, but only in a different place), and a dear friend told me: Until you figure out what it is that you want to do, take that chance. That chance lead me to an area of law that I fell in love with. It also gave me the experience, work ethic, and expertise that allow me to give my best every day to Staffmark Group. I’m so glad I took that chance 15 years ago! You never know where that chance will lead you.” – Kristin C, Contracts Administrator, Cincinnati, OH

Dress to the next level and strive for the same.” – James G, Onsite Performance Manager, Olathe, KS

Say yes to opportunities! I’ve been lucky to have mentors who believed in me and talked to me about roles and responsibilities that I did not think I was ready for (or cut out for) and would not have pursued on my own. Saying yes has pushed me outside of my comfort zones and has given me a lot of exposure to experiences I would have missed out on otherwise.” – Ashley P, Director, Sales & Operations, Appleton, WI

LEARN, LEARN, and LEARN. Enhance your current skills and always learn new skills. It can be as easy as taking a Microsoft Office refresher course, increasing your typing speed, or digging into a new software program that you are not yet comfortable with using. Keep YOU as an asset to your company.” – Tammy L, Administrative Assistant, Risk Management, Cincinnati, OH

“Best career advice? The ABCs of success: Always Be Coachable – in our careers and at home. We must be lifelong learners who are willing to adapt and change.” – Cathy W, Senior Recruiter, Windsor, CT

Now it’s your turn! What is the best career advice you have ever received? Hop over to our Facebook page to share your perspective! I look forward to reading your responses.