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It’s time to get social! Almost all of us on are on social media on a regular basis. Why not use it to land your next job? There are a number of things you can be doing to build a network and get job leads.

I recently asked my team to share their social media expertise. Check out their advice below, and then leave a comment on our Facebook page with your top tips!

Choose a professional photo and nickname

“Select a friendly, professional, and recent photo to use across all platforms. Also, although it may be tempting to use a nickname on social media, if possible, use your real name. This will allow people to easily find your profiles.” – Mariah Rattanasamay, Client Talent Manager

“Treat your social media profile as if it was a resume. This means using up-to-date information on your profile, a presentable profile picture, and posts that represent your interests. Also, follow local businesses that could be potential employers.” – Haley King, Bill/Pay Coordinator

Clean up your online presence

“Since recruiters or employers may Google you, make sure public information on your social media profiles shows you in the best light. Watch your language and the kinds of pictures you’re posting or tagged in, and consider carefully any articles that you have posted. If you wouldn’t say it in a job interview, you might not want that to be the first thing a potential employer sees online. Double-check your privacy settings so you’re only sharing what you want to share.” – Amy Carter, Marketing Director

Be active on job boards

“It is important for you to be active on the job boards, join conversations, and be engaging. Ask questions. I see a lot of job seekers sit back and hope the jobs come to them. They need to reach out!” – Nikki Lovely, On-Site Manager

Network with like-minded professionals

“Join groups that are specific to the industry of interest and network within them. Share your hopes and goals – your future employer might be reading it!” – Jen Tabe, Sales Resources Administrative Assistant

“Follow professionals that are in the same industry that you want to be in. Liking and commenting on their posts will help you to stand out and get noticed.” – Ava Wilson, Branch Manager

“The best advice I was ever given when starting my career was if you have passion and knowledge, the rest is easy. So for those trying to build a social network, build it with people interested and knowledgeable in the area you are looking to grow in.” – Charles Marcinkewich, Sr. Account Executive

Be positive

“My best advice is to exude positivity! Create a positive post each day.” – Devonna Glinsey, Account Manager

What a great list of tips! Ok, don’t forget to hop over to our Facebook page to share your social media tips. I look forward to reading your responses!