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“The key is to set realistic customer expectations, and then not just to meet them, but to exceed them – preferably in unexpected and helpful ways.” – Sir Richard Branson

I love customer service stories! They inspire me and make me wonder how I (and each member of our organization) can apply that same level of service to our customers, talent, and staff. With this in mind, I recently asked my team: what is the best customer service you have received, and why?

Check out a few of their responses below, and then leave a comment on our Facebook page to share your story. I hope you find these examples of outstanding customer service as inspiring and heart-warming as I do!

A Company Provides Excellent Customer Service When They:

Make stressful situations less stressful

“My husband, cat, and I had to recently evacuate due to Hurricane Michael. The hotel we stayed at, although not normally one that accepts pets, let us stay and did everything they could to accommodate our needs. This was a very stressful time for us, and every single person on their staff greeted us with a smile on their face and helped us as much as they could. We didn’t plan on having to extend our stay, and our room was already reserved by someone else. The hotel’s front desk clerk worked on a solution to ensure we could stay in the same room. The entire staff showed care, concern, and empathy to all guests. I will never forget how they treated us during this difficult time.” – Karen W, VP Strategic Services

Go above and beyond

“I am receiving excellent service right now from our own benefits department! I enrolled my family due to a ‘life altering event’ and had missed an email on something I needed to complete, leaving just one day to get them covered. This is for 2018 but we are right in the middle of all the 2019 open enrollment chaos. Joanna is dropping everything to make sure my family is added correctly before time runs out for me. She has been more than helpful and is treating this with the same sense of urgency I have myself. I cannot imagine what they are managing right now with open enrollment, but Joanna is not only helping immensely, but doing it with kindness and support. In my opinion, our benefits department always gives the best customer service and this is just one very current example.” – Sally L, VP National Accounts

Provide what is needed at a fair price

“My best customer service experience was with the local car repair place. I thought my car needed new brakes and the rotors turned. They called me back and let me know that all they had to do was turn the rotors because the brakes looked almost brand new. They could have charged me for new brake pads and I wouldn’t have had a clue. I’ve always taken my vehicles to them because I trust them!” – Erin L, Onsite Operations Specialist

Remain upbeat and positive

“The best customer service I recently received was with our own service desk. I called to check the status of a reporting request I had submitted, and Kahlil went the extra mile to provide a status update and ensure a resolution. He not only did it with a positive attitude, but also with a great sense of humor while we exchanged some jokes and make light of the situation. He made the experience fun and painless, yet with an urgent flare. Because of his follow-up, everything was resolved by the very next morning. You can tell he really loves what he does and puts a lot of pride into his work!” – Soha E, Operations Support Manager

Make difficult situations painless

“The best example of customer service I have ever seen is when a friend and I were traveling. We were preparing for a dinner event and when she took her dress out of the bag, she noticed that the security tag was left on the dress. We were 2500 miles from home. She was understandably upset as we had to leave for the event in a few hours. She called the store. The local store apologized, and sent someone over immediately to remove the tag. Now THAT is service!” – Laura C, Senior VP Field Operations

Do the unexpected

“I was proud to watch our Houston Drivers branch provide excellent service with one of our hardworking drivers, Aaron. After expressing interest in a job, Aaron went to a clinic for client screening, which included a DOT physical and audiogram. Unfortunately, he failed the hearing test. In fact, the audiogram discovered him to be almost deaf. As a result, Aaron was referred to his medical doctor and told he needed hearing aids in both ears which would cost him over $5000. He quickly informed us of his situation. Knowing he could not afford that, and the fact that he was confused and overwhelmed, we immediately began looking for an affordable alternative for him. After much research, we were able to get in touch with a hearing loss advisor. A month after his diagnosis, Aaron received hearing aids. He went back for screening and passed his DOT physical and audiogram. He is now working on assignment and is a changed man. He has shared with us how good he feels and what a difference it is making in his life to be able to hear. Aaron’s speech is now clearer and you can feel the smile on his face through the phone. We are so very happy for Aaron! This is an example of why we love our jobs!” – Dan C, VP Drivers Division

What is the best customer service YOU have experienced? Hop over to our Facebook page to share your story! I look forward to reading your responses.