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To our valued employees and Talent:

Happy Friday – and Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

The first Friday in March is reserved as National Employee Appreciation Day, a day created in 1995 by Bob Nelson, a founding Recognition Professional International board member. What a great opportunity to recognize and thank you, our valued employees!

On this day, I want you to know that I couldn’t be more proud of all the people who make this company so great. Our company is unique. We have the great honor and privilege of not only employing internal employees, but also helping others find meaningful work in our clients’ locations across the country. Collectively, our company has more than 500 branch locations and employs approximately 250k employees annually.

While I’m unable to personally reach out to each one of you today, please know that I am deeply appreciative of your service, and I am committed to providing a great place for you to work.

Let’s show appreciation for each other

Of course, employee appreciation shouldn’t be reserved for just one day. That’s why we recently started a new program called “Crush It” where we encourage all teams to regularly huddle together and share two things: (1) Someone who has been “crushing it” on the job, and (2) Something that you are grateful for at home or work. This program has proven to be a great way for people to feel appreciated and recognized by their team.

Today, in honor of Employee Appreciation Day, I’d like to host a “Crush It” on my Facebook page! I invite you to leave a comment on today’s post and mention someone who has “crushed it.” Please include details, such as how this person went the extra mile or helped a co-worker with a difficult task.

Visit my Facebook page to leave a “Crush It” comment now!

Again, thank you to all of our employees and Talent. And if you’re not an employee or client yet, but are interested in learning more about our opportunities, please contact us!


Geno Cutolo, CEO