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It’s graduation season! If you’ve been thinking about hiring a recent grad, we have an article for you! Ronda Erickson, VP of Atterro Contingent Workforce Solutions (Hunter Hamilton’s sister company), recently wrote an article for The Staffing Stream that includes the benefits of hiring new grads along with three mistakes to avoid.

Read a snippet below or visit The Staffing Stream to read the full article.

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring New Grads

With graduation season underway, a new crop of graduates is about to burst onto the job market. Like many employers, you may be considering hiring one of them. And for good reason! They come with a number of benefits, including:

  • Fresh, new perspectives
  • Energy and enthusiasm
  • Long-term potential
  • Lower salary costs

To make sure the experience is positive for your company and your new grad, it’s important to avoid these three mistakes:

Mistake #1: Be quick to judge.

According to a CareerBuilder survey of 2,500+ hiring managers and HR professionals, 50 percent of employers decide within the first five minutes of an interview if a candidate is a good or poor fit for the position. Not so fast! When interviewing recent grads, offer grace. Interviewing can be nerve-racking, especially when it’s the first job post-graduation. Don’t let their nerves overshadow their skills and abilities.

There are a number of ways you can put your “green” applicants at ease:

  • Smile! While you are keeping an eye on the candidate’s body language, don’t forget your own!
  • Offer a glass of water or cup of coffee.
  • Take time to introduce yourself and the company before you begin firing off a list of questions.
  • Delay asking challenging questions until mid-way through the interview.

To read the rest of this article, including mistake #2 and mistake #3, visit The Staffing Stream. To learn more about how Hunter Hamilton can help you hire new grads, visit our Employer page or contact your local Hunter Hamilton office.