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Searching job sites and polishing your resume are not the only things you should be doing when job hunting. It’s also wise to do a little social media clean-up since there’s a good chance that potential employers will check your digital footprint. You don’t want to risk a silly picture that a friend tagged you in to stand between you and your dream job.

Here are a few tips to survive social media scrutiny:

Review privacy settings on all of your social accounts.

Facebook provides a number of safeguards to personalize your privacy. When in doubt, turn your settings to “friends only” so that only your friends can see your status updates, photos, etc. Twitter is inherently a public social site, but if you do not want employers to see your account, you can set your page to private. Don’t forget all other social networking sites – including ones you haven’t used in a few years – such as Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr, or a personal blog.

Scan old posts and pictures.

It’s easy to forget what was posted to your social sites years ago. Take some time to review your history and delete anything that is questionable.

Treat LinkedIn differently.

Don’t be afraid to show a little personality on LinkedIn, but keep it professional. People often use social media as a political platform which is fine if pages are set to private. Do not, however, share political or social views on LinkedIn.

Restrict tagging.

You never know when a friend is going to tag you in a comment or a photo. Avoid the unpredictable by adjusting your privacy settings so that you can review all tags before they show up on your profile.

Finally, if you’re not comfortable with your grandmother seeing it, don’t post it. It’s that simple! Privacy settings aside, it’s wise to use discretion when posting anything online. After all, someone in your network may connect you to a job opportunity one day. It’s okay to show your personality, but keep your posts clean and appropriate.

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