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“So, what are you looking to be paid?”

This is a common question asked by employers during the interview process. It’s important that you’re not only prepared to answer it, but also negotiate, if necessary. Use these strategies to help you get the salary you want and deserve:

Know your worth. Review salary guides and use online sites such as to better understand market rates. Never enter a salary negotiation blind or unarmed with research.

Talk with a recruiter. To refine your salary range, turn to recruiters who specialize in your industry. They work with people like you every day and have a deep understanding of what you can expect with your specific skills and experience.

Don’t start the conversation too early. When in the interview chair, be strategic about the timing of salary talk. Discussing pay prematurely sends a message that you are more interested in money than being a good fit for the company. Likewise, if the interviewer brings up salary too soon, it’s wise to delay the conversation until you’ve had time to demonstrate the skills you bring to the table by saying something like, “I’d like to learn more about the job requirements and the benefits package before discussing my salary.”

Pick the top of the range. If you are asked about your salary range, start at the top of your range. This allows room for negotiations. Speak confidently to communicate that you are deserving of this salary.

Consider the full compensation package. When reviewing a job offer and considering making a counteroffer, look at the entire benefits package, not just the salary. Consider the health benefits, vacation time, and professional development that the company offers.

Negotiate a performance-based increase. If your salary requests are denied or met with a low-ball offer, suggest a performance-based increase. Set specific, measureable results and a timeline. And most importantly, get it in writing during the hiring stage.

Discussing salary can be uncomfortable, but being prepared to discuss and negotiate will boost your confidence. You’ve worked hard to develop your skills and deserve to be paid a fair rate!

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