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Taking periodic breaks helps maximize productivity and is critical to mental, physical, and emotional health, but it isn’t always enough to just take a break. What you do during those breaks can be just as important!

Here are nine ways successful people use their lunch hours:

1. Eat

Skipping a meal will do your work no favors. In fact, your eating habits decide your productivity level for the rest of the day. Successful people take the time to eat the right foods at the right amounts each day. Make a concerted effort to not only take a lunch, but also eat a healthy meal.

2. Exercise

Lunchtime is already one of the least productive times of the day — for most people, that is. In order to be more productive, get in a short workout before you grab a quick bite. Studies show that exercise can sharpen mental performance, improve time-management skills, and increase job satisfaction.

3. Network

You’re already taking a break, so why not take it with another person? That way, you get a chance to eat while getting to know colleagues, supervisors, or other people in your industry better. After all, it’s not what you know but who — and these lunches could prove beneficial later in your career.

4. Email

Keeping in touch with former colleagues and acquaintances is part of building a strong, reliable network. Shoot off a few quick emails during your lunch break (or a 15-minute break, at that) to stay top of mind. You never know when that next big career opportunity will pop up.

5. Reflect

There isn’t a better time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished than midday. Even just a few minutes spent evaluating your progress on a project can be enough to hit that reset button and recharge your energy as you head into the second part of your day.

6. Read

Have a book sitting on the nightstand, just waiting to be finished? Some successful people will use their lunch time to catch up on reading, and it doesn’t need to be only for professional development. Flip through a newspaper, blog posts, or even some fluff. The mere act of reading offers a mental break from your work.

7. Run errands

At best, eating lunch takes about 20 minutes, leaving you plenty of time to run errands you wouldn’t otherwise be able to take care of during the day. It’s also the perfect opportunity to catch up on personal calls, schedule appointments, and anything else on your to-do list.

8. Plan

You have some time at your disposal, so use it to plan the rest of your day — or, go one step further, and plan the next step in your career. Grab a pad of paper, and find a quiet place to journal. Then, reflect (there’s that word again) on what you’d need to do to move your ideas forward.

9. Unplug

Take a real break from the workday by stepping away from the computer and shutting off your electronics. Rarely do we take the time to enjoy some real peace and quiet during the day.

10. Nap

Napping is like taking unplugging to the next degree. Head out to the car and catch just 20 minutes of shut-eye to recharge. One study showed that a 26-minute nap could improve alertness by 54 percent and bolster performance by 34 percent.

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