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No one needs to tell you why it’s important for employees to be happy at work. When morale stinks, engagement suffers — which can do a real number on productivity, work quality, business growth, and retention.

While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all way for engaging staff, these strategies are a good place to start:

1. Focus on fun. Work and fun shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. There are a number of ways to incorporate fun into the workday without disrupting work itself. Celebrate “national” days, such as Hat Day, Donut Day or Coffee Day, or host contests, scavenger hunts, or after-work events.

2. Flex time. Of all the benefits available, workplace flexibility is at the top of the list for most workers. Depending on the hours of operation, offer employees some flex time where they set their own hours. This doesn’t reduce the total number of hours worked, but allows some flexibility to accommodate for personal matters.

3. Stocked kitchen. You likely already provide free coffee. Why not go one step further and stock the kitchen with soft drinks, fresh fruit, and/or other healthy snacks.

4. Project days. Set aside a few days a year to allow employees to work on new projects or develop new ways of tackling how they work each day. Then, schedule a meeting to share the results with other team members.

5. Extended lunches. A little flexibility at lunch is always appreciated. Extending the break by even 15 minutes could give employees enough time to head to the gym, eat at a restaurant off the beaten path, or just recharge for the second half of the day.

6. Time off. Everyone enjoys a little extra time off, even more so when it doesn’t count against PTO. If you can swing it, give your team a half-day from time to time, and consider scheduling it on Fridays or before holidays for extra long weekends.

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What works for one company or team won’t always work for another, so play around with employee perks and engagement activities to determine which ones resonate with your staff. If you’d like to brainstorm additional ways to improve your workplace culture and employee engagement, contact us!