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A staffing agency offers recruiting and hiring services to companies. If you’re in the market for temporary or permanent workers, partnering with a staffing agency may well be your best solution.

Here are a few reasons why:

1. Increased flexibility.

A staffing agency can quickly provide you with additional resources, for example a temporary employee to cover vacations, medical leave, or increases in workload. Staffing agencies work with skilled workers and professionals who are open to short-term, project, or part time work. Experienced talent can come in and quickly adapt to the role at hand.

2. Improved productivity.

Spreading extra work across existing staff or having employees work long hours can result in errors, fatigue, work-related injury, and lack of motivation – which means a loss of productivity. Staffing agencies can provide additional employees to restore and perhaps even boost productivity levels.

3. Access to wide network of candidates.

When a company partners with a staffing agency, they access candidates they otherwise would not encounter through job search outlets like job boards or internal postings. Staffing agencies put companies in touch with the most talented people on the job market and keep a pool of experienced candidates who are ready for a career move at a moment’s notice. Candidates will have undergone a stringent recruitment process and the agency will have a solid understanding of what the person wants from their next job.

4. A more streamlined hiring process.

Agencies are specialists in the recruitment and hiring process, and they manage each step as efficiently as possible. Partnering with a staffing agency provides access to recruiting and hiring expertise that surpasses that of hiring managers and human resources departments. The employment specialists and recruiters on staff at agencies have expertise and experience concerning employment trends, challenges, market conditions, and best practices for recruiting and hiring top talent. Partnering with a niche staffing agency could bring unprecedented value not only to your hiring strategy, but to your overall business strategy.

5. Quality employees and retention.

Most staffing agencies offer, for a specific period after hire, a guarantee or replacement on their talent. The time, money, and resources associated with a company’s hiring and onboarding process are significant; and studies have shown that within a year of being hired, 84 percent of new hires don’t live up to expectations. Companies that partner with a staffing agency also enjoy a high retention rate. High turnover can be costly, and it makes practical sense to have a staffing agency find you qualified and talented workers who will be satisfied with their job and want to stay for the long term.

6. Objectivity and fresh views.

Partnering with a staffing agency means working with an unbiased third party. The agency will be impartial throughout the recruiting and hiring process and provide the best possible candidate for a position because doing so is a reflection of the agency’s professionalism. In addition, some staffing agencies advise on human resources issues, employee engagement practices, and may offer recruitment coaching for non-HR managers.

7. Time saved in the hiring process.

Hiring new employees is a long process. Partnering with an agency, you can skip the time-intensive steps of having to advertise job openings, sort through resumes, and interview candidates. The staffing agency has already narrowed down a group of qualified workers for you to choose from. They can source, phone-screen, and prepare candidates for a final interview with you – saving time and acquiring the best candidates in the most efficient way. Or you can simply agree to use the candidate the staffing agency recommends for the position.

8. Reduced costs.

Because staffing agencies manage the entire employment process and do all of the legwork for you, partnering with an agency will relieve you of many costs of the recruiting and hiring processes. It will also reduce training costs, payroll processing costs, and benefits administration costs. Employees contracted through staffing agencies fall under the staffing agency’s unemployment and worker’s compensation claims. This can decrease overhead from injuries and employee turnover.

9. Trial period.

Finally, many staffing firms offer a trial period so that the employee can work for a pre-determined amount of time before an offer of employment. You’ll get to see for yourself the employee’s skills, their personality and professionalism, and how they fit in your corporate culture. You will have the benefit of making a more informed hiring decision without the commitment, reducing your risk of hiring someone you feel isn’t the best fit for your needs.

As you can see, partnering with a staffing agency offers many advantages. Research all your options, whether you are seeking direct hire, trial hire, or temporary talent. Over a year’s time, America’s staffing agencies hire some 15 million temporary and contract workers. You have a wealth of vetted talent to help your company grow and succeed.

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