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Here’s where you can find information on everything related to working for Hunter Hamilton – pay, benefits, training – and a variety of useful links and forms.

Employee Workplace

The Employee Workplace portal provides you access to resources you need when you need them, such as timesheets, pay stubs, training, summary benefits information and more.

  • Search jobs
  • Update availability and personal information
  • Update direct deposit information
  • Retrieve wage statements
  • Access W2s
  • Review your benefits
  • Report Time
  • Access resources such as timesheets, documents, etc.

Your login and password information has been shared with you in the “Welcome to the Employee Workplace” email that came from If you are not able to find this email, please call the Employee Support Line at 855-801-8451 to obtain your log in credentials.


Tracking and submitting your time doesn’t need to be a hassle – it only takes a few minutes if you do it every day.


Hunter Hamilton offers a full selection of benefits when you meet certain requirements for hours worked in a given year. Check in at your local Hunter Hamilton office for more details about how you can qualify for health and dental insurance, as well as other valuable benefits.


As part of our service to talent, Hunter Hamilton considers your skills and can point you to the online courses that will keep your career on an upward trend. Talk to your recruiter about the specific training opportunities we can provide for you.